The people who are not having their own vehicles suffers from the commutation issues whenever they have to go for a trip related to their business or some other private affairs. We can’t borrow the car from our known ones as some damage occurs to it then the whole blame will be put on us even if it is not our fault but we have to bare the loss because we have taken it on our own responsibility.

So, in order to avoid such circumstances, the rental service is a good option for those who have not their own cars. But there are also many constraints in booking a rented car for your trip that is as follows:

  • The car sharing service charges a lot and the per day tariff is really high.
  • The poor condition of the car that includes dirty and smelly seat covers, ac was not working.
  • The car gives poor mileage due to which the fuel costs a lot in the entire journey.
  • The people are being heavily payed by the rental service for any type of damage in the car.
  • No GPS facility for tracking.

These kinds of problems have been reported by the customers who have hire the car from the rental service. It would be better if you choose the ideal rental service that will charge a lower rate.

So, if you really need a car rental service then Luvija will provide the best rent a car service in Tivat.

What makes us to be the best in our field?

We offer the following services in the car free and most importantly, the car will be a brand-new model.

  • The car is equipped with GPS so no chance of getting lost in unknown areas.
  • The car will offer a great mileage.
  • The delivery of the car at your doorstep.
  • Full Casco insurance so no worries of getting heavily charged for any kind of damage.

So, book your vehicle today and enjoy your voyage without any inconvenience. Call us today!



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